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Photo of 3 ICs Principals

Principals (1985): Neil Stuart, Bob Beatty, and John McRobert

  1. ICs INTERNATIONAL is the marketing arm for a group of more than eighty senior resource professionals with extensive experience in the Resources/Mining Industry.
  2. The Individual Consultants (ICs) operate their own separate businesses that are typically run from home or local shopping centre offices. This type of operation ensures very low overheads, and offers high productivity. Daily commuting time reduces to a minimum.
  3. Offices are equipped well with modern electronic facilities including, telephone, facsimile, answer machine or service, computer, image scanner, modem, photocopier, report binder, report laminator, plotters and printers, etc.
  4. ICs come together under the ICs INTERNATIONAL banner to respond to job requests that require a substantial team effort.
  5. Beyond the group capabilities ICs have close associations with other engineering and contracting firms, and can call on additional skills or services as required.
  6. Members meet once a month to network, gain professional companionship, and to trade work opportunities.
  7. In providing team effort skills, ICs INTERNATIONAL nominates a member to project manage the work, operating under that member's company banner.
  8. All members in the team act in a Sub Contracting role to the Project Manager.
  9. The Project Manager personally authorises all billings according to the terms of the proposal, before submitting to the client for processing.
  10. This procedure ensures that a cohesive team of project-appropriate engineers assemble rapidly from our large association.
  11. ICs INTERNATIONAL can adequately answer both large and small professional consulting projects.
Our Aqua Park submission to the Brisbane City Council is here.

A group of ICs investigated the use of Fly Wheels to provide standby power when renewable energy is unavailable. The report is here.

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