The OS system of stripping is most suited to waste removal. It involves a large mobile winch on the spoil-side of the pit. This drags a suitable HOE across the pit and up the side of the spoil pile. The hoe empties by pulling back in the opposite direction using a smaller winch sited on the advancing face of the pit. The process has emerged from several studies as the most cost-effective way of removing waste, but the OS has good potential for large construction and mineral extraction projects.The OS is a new energy efficient equipment design to ensure open cut strip-mining stays competitive in the future. Long term equipment owners (contractors or mine operators) will benefit most by initiating the development of new equipment designs. Comparative studies with dragline stripping show significant operating cost savings in favour of the OS:
overburden slusher image
The Overburden Slusher system of stripping.

Operating cost benefits through lower OS unit costs.

OS advantages are significant, including:

  • Less power and diesel fuel used in deep strip mining. 
  • Spoil rehabilitation with recontouring integral to stripping. 
  • An opportunity exists to retrofit existing draglines and shovels. 
  • Major geotechnical benefits due to low angle spoil bank and ability to remove unstable floor materials, or pick up collapsed slopes. 
  • Better utilisation of deep strip multi seam coal resource. 
  • Simplify pit layouts for multi seam mining and deeper open cut strip mines. 
  • Reduce stripping-in-advance inventories. 
  • Increased use of cast blasting. 
  • Increased stripping capacity, at reduced capital costs due to more power efficiency with less gear. 
  • Can replace low wall ramps with high wall and spoil bank access. 
  • Partial strip lengths give better access scheduling, limits wet weather restrictions, and improved coal quality planning. 
  • Strip width variations give options for in-pit inventory levels and stripping capacities. 
  • Incremented stripping capacity, using additional dozers and changed stripping widths, is possible with OS.
  • We have software to evaluated all combinations of pit layout and winching power options and can quantify the above benefits for your property.
  • The OS has important water conservation potential as illustrated in the Lake Eyre Basin Development Proposal, copy available here.
Print friendly version of the technical bulletin is available here. Overburden Slusher .
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