Bob Beatty is an Australian Mining Engineer, with a reputation for innovative mining processes, and is the registered inventor of five mining related patents.

In the mid '80s he became skeptical over claims that, the Moon launched from the Earth in a violent collision involving an incoming heavenly body. Skepticism arose from the lack of universal application for this theory - particularly at planets where some satellites orbit in the opposite direction.

Bob decided there must be a logical answer based on physics and engineering theory. The search started in a re-appraisal of the old LaPlacian model of the Solar System, and lasted ten years. The results are in this 60-page essay, Planets, Satellites and Landforms. 

The study has now been upgraded to treatise status and republished as a second edition. A free copy is available at PSL  I welcome any thoughts this study generates. Email to 

A fascinating journey of discovery led to other possibly answers to some of our oldest geoscience conundrums including:

The work draws parallels between previous stages of Dynamic Development on Earth and those currently occurring at the larger planets.
It suggests a Universal Dynamic Stage Development Sequence for all planets of "Super Critical Mass."

                1): Black Holes, Expanding Universe, Gravitational Fields, and The Big Bang. 
                2): Is the Mass of the Earth increasing ?              

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