This is Bob Beatty,

successful Australian mining engineer
inventor of the The Overburden Slusher system of stripping
The TOP NET adaption to dragline buckets
Truck-Jig method for truck ramping
The Co-Axial Pipe conveyor transport system

Free-thinking amateur astronomer
and author of the FIRST Geological Timescale that defines not only the past but the FUTURE:

the Universal Dynamic Stage Development Sequence

But this is not just another apocalyptic vision by some hack evangelist...

Through the application of the concept of a STEADY-STATE UNIVERSE,
Bob has recognised that our present geological age is the DRIFT stage
to be followed by a SEDATE stage
and then
a stage of HIBERNATION
until the next universal cycle comes to pass...

Doomsayers relax. The future is... BORING
But why? And how did the Moon form? And why does Jupiter have a great red spot? And why doesn't the Earth have a great red spot? And is Mars a real planet or just a 'solar orbiting satellite'? And why do planets go around the sun instead of just hanging around in the same place and doing sod-all?

The answers to all of these mysteries (and quite a few others you probably hadn't thought of) are revealed
in Bob Beatty's self-published magnum opus:

Latest version  of PSL here.