1. Overburden Slusher - Patents issued: Aust.576437 (expired), Sth.Af.#86/7510 (expired), US#4731941 (expires 30th September 2006, relinquished), Canada#1288735 (expires 10th September 2008, relinquished). The patent proposes a new process for removing deep overburden above coal or shale deposits, and promises a system of stripping which is cheaper and more flexible than using draglines.

2. Excavating Hoe - Australian Patent 661202 (expires 13th October 2013, relinquished) US.Pat.#5515624 (expires 28th January 2014, relinquished), Canada#2140806 (expires 23rd January 2015, relinquished);shows a volumetrically efficient excavating hoe design suitable for use in both open cut and underground mines and includes a motorised hoe.

3. Co-axial Pipe Conveyor - Patents: Aust.#613799 (expires 13thOctober 2009, relinquished), US#5,042,646 (expires 13th October 2009, relinquished). The patent proposes a flexible conveyor capable of variations to horizontal and vertical curving, during operation.

Pipe Conveyor idler drive system for CoAxial Pipe and Trough conveyors. Australian Patent Application 32549/00 (5 May 2000) AusPat#776048 Accepted 12 Aug 2004
(expires 5thMay 2020, relinquished). Application details preferred arrangement for driving and supporting a conveyor belt between the end-pulleys.

5. Load Retaining Net for Exavating Hoe or Bucket - Aust.#696214 (expires 22nd April 2016, relinquished), ZA#96/3357 (expires 22nd April 2016, relinquished). Application details preferred arrangement for constructing load retaining nets.


6. Truck Jig -Patent issued: Aust.581807 (expired), Sth.Af.ZA87/1997 (expired), US.PA282859 (expired). The process describes a more energy-efficient method for elevating trucks from deep open cut mines, by using a system of inclined hoisting.


7. Dragline-Hopper-Transport Apparatus - Preliminary specification PI#8139 lodged 6/5/88 and assigned to ACIRL (since relinquished) on behalf of the Australian Coal Association. The processes aim to increase the use of dragline equipment at deep open cut mines.


The BOSMIN® trade mark is registered in Australia under classes 7, 12, 37 and 42.


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