Continuous TJ


Truck Jigging is a technique suggested for reducing the effective cycle times on ramp inclines. It involves attaching an endless wire rope between a full truck at the bottom of the ramp, and an empty truck at the top of the ramp. Trucks attach to the rope by hydraulic clamps. The rope passes over fixed pulley sheaves at both ends of the ramp. An empty truck descends the ramp under power while helping to elevate the full truck.

Advantages Include:

Net vehicle weights counterbalance each other, and reduce grade effects on the loaded truck.

  • Effective engine power from both trucks applies to the task of elevating the payload in the full truck. (This feature is not present in trolley assist equipment.)
  • The descending truck does not use brakes to retard its descent down the ramp.
  • Additional electric power can be added to the system at the pulleys.

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